Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini-Road Trips: Become a Traveling Critic

In this series, I hope to provide new ideas for miniature road trips. That is, road trips that will only take either a day or two to complete when you can't take any days off for vacation. Be sure to the check the first and second posts of the series!

Try being a critic for a day or two. Pick a specific kind of establishment like Italian restaurants, vintage movie theatres, tattoo parlors, etc. and map out several along a route. Then go to each one you see and try them out. When you get home, go on yelp or some other review website and write a critique for each one.

Several years back in my high school days I was really in to playing Dungeons and Dragons so I mapped out every store within 50 miles of my town and created the fastest route possible to get to each one within the day.

I had a blast! It was a ton of fun trying to find each store and then exploring the different aspects of each one. I didn't buy anything that day but my friends always knew to ask me what the best place was to go to get any kind of D&D product.

I did the same thing for coffee shops when I visited Seattle a few years later. If you want to know, the best coffee I had was at Caffe Ladro in the Fremont area. Although Pergolesi's in Santa Cruz is still my all-time favorite.

So go ahead and try it yourself. You may just become a critic in a brand new field!

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