Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini-Road Trips: left/right game

In this series, I hope to provide new ideas for miniature road trips. That is, road trips that will only take either a day or two to complete when you can't take any days off for vacation. You can find the first of the series here.

This is a great game to play when you have at least two people in the car with you and you want to go somewhere you would never think to go to before.

While one person drives, another person gets blindfolded or simply closes their eyes. Then, when the driver is coming up to a possible fork in the road they simply state: “left or right?”. Then the blindfolded person shouts a direction.

This is a great game to play for any kind of distance. I play this all the time with Birdy when we're bored in the town we're in and we want to find someplace interesting that we've never seen before. The last time we did this we stumbled upon a park we had never known about before in the town we had been living in for almost 4 years! We ended up having a blast in the playground late at night.

If you decide to do this long distance, I wouldn't recommend keeping the blindfold on the whole time. It would probably be better to have one person write a series of directions and then when the driver calls a fork, the passenger just crosses off the next one.

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