Monday, February 28, 2011

Advice From A Traveling Coffee Addict

Coffee, for the majority of Americans out there, is the greatest invention ever made. Without it, nations would crumble and human societies would grind to a halt. My motto is that every one deserves at least one vice and by god mine is most definitely that brown liquid-like substance! When I'm traveling, though, this wonderful concoction is often hard to come by. Throughout my journey I've come up with several ways to keep my veins at the dangerously high level of caffeine that they're used to and I hope my advice will be just as beneficial to my fellow addicts out there.

Cowboy Coffee
All you need is some coffee, water, and a way to set something on fire. Just like the good ol' days of the cowboy, you can simply heat up some water and pour in your coffee and scoop out what you need. Sure, it's pretty gritty, but by gum does it give the kick you need to get on with your day! If you're too fancy to do it the old fashioned way, you can invest in a french press. Just pour in the hot water and it'll filter out the grounds. They also come in sizes that are small enough to fit in a backpack.

Coffee Shops
It's by and large the most expensive option and I guarantee it'll suck up your money right from under your nose but you can find a Starbucks on just about every block and it's tasty enough to almost justify the price. If you take this option, please take the time to find a local coffee shop, though.

7/11 also has some great coffee considering the low price but I'd be wary with other mini-marts. I nearly died a couple times drinking that stuff...

Yes, coffee is instant now. Just heat some water and pour! Honestly I hate the stuff because they taste like chemicals instead of coffee but it has the caffeine you need at the ease you want. Now that there are “cold” versions, you won't even need to heat the water!

That's right, caffeinated gum does exist! After several hours of driving and no coffee shops in sight I thought I came across an oasis in a desert when I saw this at a gas station. It's about 60 mg a piece – a typical cup of joe – and I can gladly say that it both tastes good and keeps you awake the rest of the day. A must buy for any traveler.

I call it the wussy's alternative but if you're willing to take a significant drop in caffeine levels this is definitely a healthier option to try.

If through all your efforts you come up with nothing, then try getting some natural adrenaline by going for a short jog or doing some jumping jacks. Exercise is the best method for keeping you awake throughout the day although I for one hope I'll never have to reach this option! :-P

Caffeine is a blessing but it's also a curse. It makes waking up super early in the morning from sleeping in the car that much easier when you have it but it also makes it fifty times harder when you don't. Follow some of these tips and hopefully you'll never have to do without!

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