Monday, February 21, 2011

Portland, Here I Come!

Tonight I catch a train to Portland, Oregon. After losing my job it was the first place I wanted to see. I've already got three places set to couchsurf for about a week and a half and then I plan on booking for a week at a hostel right after that.

My overall plan is to just explore Portland and if I like it maybe I'll stay for a bit but if I don't I'll try elsewhere. Every time I tell people that I get this look like I just said I wash my hair with peanut butter and then they smile, pat me on the head, and tell me that I might want to consider staying the Bay Area because the job market is alright there.

That kind of response worries me. I mean, I've gone on a two month road trip before with about a fifth of the money that I have saved up right now but for some reason I'm still worried. Plus, rent is significantly cheaper in Portland than any place I've lived in around California. I've even been up there three times and it seems like a pretty nice place to visit and maybe live. In fact it's one of my favoritest cities to visit!

But the fact of the matter is that it IS pretty crazy. I'm going to a city all alone with no car and no job and staying with total strangers while I attempt to find a place to live on money that I've only been able to save up for a few months. Yeah, I definitely bathe in peanut butter.

Suffice to say I'm in this weird zone where I'm nervous and scared and uncertain about everything in my life and the decisions I'm making while at the same time I'm more excited and happy about what I'm doing than anything I've ever done before.

The number one thing I keep telling myself, though, is that whatever happens I at least tried. Whether it ends up a supreme failure or a wonderful success, it will be a result that leaves me wiser, smarter, happier, and more adventurous. More importantly I hope to chronicle what happens so that my wonderful readers – that's you – can enjoy learning from my crazy attempts.

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