Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Merits of Booking a Cheap(er) Motel

SUPER sorry for not posting in a while! It's been a hectic week and starting a blog makes it difficult to keep the habit up. Anyway, I'm back on track and I'm hoping to update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To that end, here's today's post:

My parents can never understand why I always try to find the cheapest hotels. Even when they offer to foot the bill I still insist on getting a hotel that's two stars instead of three or four. Here's why:

They're Cheaper (Duh!)
It's obvious, but it's important to make this number one because the costs of a hotel can add up fast and it can mean the difference between several months of traveling and just a couple of days.

Free Amenities
Free parking, free internet, free breakfast. There's so much stuff that many cheap hotels offer that most fancy expensive hotels don't even offer or charge you to use. When I stayed at the MGM in Vegas, it cost me about $15 an HOUR for internet. Staying at any Super 8 on the other hand was completely free.

Rewards Programs
Most chain hotels offer up rewards programs that can add up to more savings in the long run.

Friendlier Staff
Maybe it's just a personal opinion but I always feel like the staff is friendlier when I'm at a cheaper motel. The pricier ones usually have that snooty guy that wishes he were french.

More Stuff 
I just booked a motel room at a Super 8 for my trip to Disneyland. It comes with a coffee pot, mini fridge, safe box, and microwave. Compare that to a more expensive hotel in the same area and it only has basic cable with a TV half the size.

More Comfortable Beds
The floral sheets may look boring but that mattress is top of the line! I always sleep a lot better when I'm in a cheaper hotel. It could be the satisfaction of saving a ton of money but it's more likely the super comfy bed that more expensive hotels seem to lack.

It boggles my mind that people constantly pay for expensive hotels. I get that they're classier and fancier experiences but come on. With a difference in the hundreds I'd say those “perks” are totally not worth it. I'd much rather take the money I've saved and invest it in a better vacation experience than dishing it out for a place that keeps you inside most of the time.

What are your experiences with using a cheap or pricey motel?

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