About Us

The main blog poster of the site. He's currently unemployed and traveling the world in search of himself. Meanwhile he's being as big of a cheapskate as he can because, frankly, he can't afford not to. He loves to travel and make stupid mistakes so others don't have to. More importantly he's a major nerd and if he can just find the right suit, he'd dress up like the 10th Doctor Who every day of his life. His "TARDIS" is either a Volkswagen Beetle or Toyota Matrix depending on which one is at the shop and which one his parents will let him destroy drive. His real name is Braden Jageman and you can find him at several social media sites just by googling him.

Bird E. Bird 
Also known as Birdy on the site, she may not post as often but she's the backbone and engine of the site. Without her, Neurobomber's posts would be riddled with spelling errors and run-on sentences. She also tries to post when she can but she's currently busy being pummeled to death by biology and chemistry classes.Who knew becoming an evil genius would involve so many acid-base reactions?

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