Friday, March 25, 2011

Get Clean

I actually posted this on my squidoo pages but since I haven't touched the site in over four months I figured I'd post this article here instead.

Avoiding the stink of the road is an almost impossible feat and getting rid of that stink is almost as difficult when you're not paying for a motel room. I've found a few options that will get you to your destination without having people keep at least 50 feet away from you through the whole trip.

Truck Stop Showers
Taking a shower at a truck stop may sound like the most disgusting thing a human being could ever put themselves through but take a shower at a truck stop just once and you'll never want to shower at home again. The quality for these showers are well above hotel room status. Not only do you get your own personal shower and bathroom to use but maintenance staff ensure that they stay clean and well stocked with towels and soap every time. At $10 per use the price may be pretty steep but if you share the spot with some very close travel mates and you can drop the price of a shower down significantly.

Community Centers
Although nowhere near the quality of truck stop showers, community centers are far cheaper and provide exactly what you need to keep from looking like a hobo. Most places I've been to range from as little as a quarter to as much as a dollar. In exchange you get the kind of shower you often got after high school gym class.

Couch Surfing
One of the perks of staying at someone else's place also includes the use of their showers. Although your hosts probably won't mind you using their stuff, as a common courtesy be sure to bring your own soap.

Whore Showers
Can't find any of the above? Then try a whore's shower! Find a bathroom with a lock and bring a rag and some soap. Soak up the rag with soap and get washing! It may not be pleasant but it does the trick and it gives you a couple more days to find a better spot to wash up. Carrying around some deodorant and perfume/cologne will also help.

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