Monday, March 28, 2011

ERE and Traveling

There is a a wonderful post up on Early Retirement Extreme that I think really summarizes what the site covers but also really reflects on what my site is about. ERE is the process through which you cut out all the spending that most people do and what you're normally used to and instead focus on the basics, ignore the amount of money that you make, and attempt to really focus on what matters in life and what you can get out of it without focusing on objects and money.

I want this site to focus on that same concept but through a traveler's eyes. How can one spend 20 to 30% of their paycheck while traveling? Most people I know spend 200% of their paycheck when traveling, so I believe that this can be a greater challenge.

Simply by avoiding high cost options such as hotels and restaurant food, relying on and trusting strangers while still keeping a level head, and living a lifestyle that allows you to pack up and move with little to no effort can help you live an ERE lifestyle of very minimal spending while still traveling the world. You don't have to wait 10 years while saving your hard earned cash in order to do it but you can still break even or even make some cash while doing it!

So go ahead and check the site out. It's a wonderful read and I use a lot of their posts to live the kind of lifestyle that both allows me to travel the world on a dime and save up enough in my sedentary life to travel again in the future. Who knows? I may even have an extremely early retirement :-P

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