Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Introduction

This is a blog that will convince you to view traveling in a whole new light. I'm so sick of hearing people say that you need several thousands of dollars to travel for just a week or two. I'm tired of people always assuming that your only option for resting are hotels or that a plane is the only way to travel.

This is a blog that paints a different picture of traveling and adventure. One where you can spend an entire week exploring the world on just $100 with only the sheer necessities packed in your bags. This means that your trip won't be relaxing but it will certainly be much more fulfilling than any vacation you have ever had and I'll guarantee that you will come back from it refreshed and ready for life when you get back.

So far I've gone on five road trips. The first few cost much more than the others did as I learned how to conserve my money and resources. Each time I learned new techniques and got better and better at avoiding the cost of hotels, restaurants, gas, and other expenses by finding alternative methods for exploring. My final trip culminated in a two month road trip throughout the United States with my travel partner (who will be posting her own articles on occasion) all at a cost of about $2000 for the entire trip. That may seem like a lot but calculate the cost of your rent for two months alone and you'll consider becoming homeless.

Through this blog I hope to provide stories of my adventures as well as provide tips to anyone who wants to explore the world on just dimes a day.

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